NOTICE: Do not ship screens to us without calling us first.


Contact: A switch that activates the alarm system when removed from its magnet

Concealed Lead: A system that utilizes a router to cut a 3-inch notch into the frame, a pin plug is fit into the notch which plugs into the house side plug. All wiring is then tucked into the screen frame so that no plugs or leads are exposed

Latch: Hinges and Latches that hold the window screen to the window frame

Lead: The hot wire that feeds a current to the screen mesh

Plug: (See product page) A pull apart plug with a plastic housing used on security screens where an exposed plug is used

Plugs: Closed amp plugs used to activate the system when the screens are removed

Plugs: Pull apart plugs allow the leads to be disconnected so the screens can be removed for cleaning or to clean the windowsShunt

Push Pins: A spring loaded pin that holds a window screens to the window frameBail

Press Fit Contact: A round plastic contact that fits flush into a hole in the screen frame used with a

Reed Switch: A small glass contact placed under the spline of a screen

Spline: A round rubber tube that holds the screen mesh in the frame recessed or bullet magnet which closes the circuit.

Tamper: See contact