NOTICE: Do not ship screens to us without calling us first.

Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy

National Security Screens, LLC cannot be held liable for any damage that occurs during shipping. National Security Screens, LLC is not responsible for purchasing insurance for the purpose of replacing screen frames that were shipped for conversion and damaged during inbound or return shipping, we are not responsible for determining the replacement value, or ordering replacement screens for screens damaged by the carrier.

We highly recommend that you contact your carrier and obtain a copy of their shipping guidelines and policy and that you strictly follow their packaging guidelines. In addition, we suggest that you insure your package at an estimated rate of $150.00 per screen frame for each shipment outbound to us and inbound for the return shipment. It is our preference that you ship your screens with a prepaid return label that has been insured when possible.

If shipping charges are billed to us

If shipping charges are not prepaid or billed to your shipping account we will add a $20.00 processing fee to the shipping charge to cover time and expenses associated with managing our carrier accounts. We reserve the right to choose the carrier if we are originating the shipment or if we are billing our account. We do not accept responsibility for damage, nor are we responsible for insuring the package for any amount other than that amount needed to cover losses incurred by National Security Screens, LLC for work we have done unless otherwise noted in writing on your signed and completed work order.

We reserve the right to repackage any shipment that we feel is inadequate and does not meet the shipper’s guidelines and to charge for that packaging at our posted rates. We cannot accept packages that arrive at our facility damaged. If possible we will inspect the damage to see if we are able to repair it but severe damage may require replacement by the carrier if insured and will be refused and declared damaged.

We require an adult signature for all outbound and return shipments.