NOTICE: Do not ship screens to us without calling us first.

Prepare for Shipping

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Thank you for choosing National Security Screens as your screen supplier. We have been supplying Quality alarm screens to security professionals since 1985. National Security Screens guarantees its screens for two years from the invoice date against defects in materials and workmanship when installed by a Licensed alarm installer.

Please follow these simple steps so that we can manufacture your Custom security screens correctly.

  • Mark each frame for the location of the lead wire using an……………………………….O
  • Mark each location for a magnetic tamper with a…………………………………………………………T
  • Attach a signed and completed work order; be sure to choose a lead type.
  • Be sure to read our shipping policy and before completing the shipping instructions section of the work order form.
  • Be sure to sign your work order form and ship it with your screens.

HOW TO SHIP YOUR SCREENS (Please do not use peanuts)


Easy Crate

  • Build a simple crate made of 1 x ( 4”, 6”, 8”, 10” or 12”) board screwed together to build a four-sided frame that surrounds the screen frames, allow for 2 inches completely around the frames for extra protection and fill with bubble wrap , cover the front and back with 2 sheets of cardboard stapled or screwed to the wooden frame.  Run wooden slats over the cardboard to protect the front and back. Write DO NOT DOUBLE STACK and FRAGILE on the cardboard.
  • Pack your screens in bubble wrap.

Mailing Tube

  • Label the top, bottom and sides of the screen, mark the exact location of the crossbar and any bail latches, pull tabs, etc. Strip the mesh and tape all pieces for each screen together. Ship them in a tube

Packaging Fees

Screens received in shipping tubes will be charged a packaging fee when return shipped

  • Cardboard Box (Includes packaging materials)
  • Crating (Wood & Cardboard Crate includes other packing materials)
  • Processing Fee for Using our Fed Ex or UPS account

Shipping Policy

National Security Screens, LLC cannot be held liable for any damage that occurs during shipping. National Security Screens, LLC is not responsible for purchasing insurance for the purpose of replacing screen frames that were shipped for conversion and damaged during inbound or return shipping, we are not responsible for determining the replacement value, or ordering replacement screens for screens damaged by the carrier.

We highly recommend that you contact your carrier and obtain a copy of their shipping guidelines and policy and that you strictly follow their packaging guidelines exactly. In addition we suggest that you insure your package at an estimated rate of $100.00 per screen frame.

It is our preference that you ship your screens with a prepaid return label that has been insured when possible.

If Shipping Charges are Billed to us

If shipping charges are not prepaid or billed to your account we will add a $25.00 processing fee to the shipping charge. We reserve the right to choose the carrier if we are originating the shipment or if we are billing our account. We do not accept responsibility for damage, nor are we responsible for insuring the package for any amount other than that amount needed to cover losses incurred by National Security Screens, LLC. For work we have done unless otherwise noted in writing on our signed and completed work order.

We reserve the right to repackage any shipment that we feel is inadequate and does not meet the shipper’s guidelines and to charge for that packaging at our posted rates. We cannot accept packages that arrive at our facility damaged. If possible we will inspect the damage to see if we are able to repair it but severe damage may require replacement by the carrier if insured and will be refused and declared damaged. We will ship all with an adult signature requirement.


National Security Screens
13002 Occoquan Road
Woodbridge, Virginia 22192

Important Notice: Unless otherwise noted in writing, unmarked screens will be produced in Black Mesh with one white pull-apart style amp plug located on the bottom right and one press fit contact at the top center.

NSS does not accept responsibility for unmarked screens.